DUKELEC TECHNOLOGY is dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of high-speed communication controller chips.
The CDCTL series controllers optimize RS485 communication and have been widely applied in intelligent devices, robots, consumer electronics, industrial automation, and other fields.

New Generation Universal Fieldbus


CDBUS is a simple protocol designed for serial ports and serial bus communication, commonly employed in RS-485 buses. It utilizes hardware arbitration and other mechanisms to avoid data conflicts, allowing nodes to freely transmit and receive data packets, thereby overcoming the limitations of single-master polling.

It introduces an arbitration mechanism, similar to the CAN bus, to automatically avoid conflicts.
Supporting dual baud rates achieves high-speed communication, with the maximum baud rate during the high-speed phase up to 50 Mbps.
Supports unicast, multicast and broadcast.
The maximum user data size is 253 bytes.
Hardware packing, unpacking, verification and filtering, saving your time and CPU usage.
Compatible with traditional RS-485 hardware (arbitration function remains effective).

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